GameSpot: HTC Vive Might Edge Out Oculus Thanks to Its Motion Controllers

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Oculus Rift has been grabbing headlines left and right lately thanks to its long-awaited price announcement, but Rift is just one of several high-profile, mass market virtual reality headsets primed to reach consumers at some point this year. Chief among its competitors: HTC Vive, a motion-tracking collaboration between cell phone manufacturer HTC and gaming juggernaut Valve.

If you’ve been following the VR arms race, you already know that, unlike the Rift or Sony’s PlayStation VR, Vive allows users to move around an area as large as 15 square feet thanks to the headset’s built-in, front-facing camera and the accompanying “Lighthouse” base stations. This, coupled with the bundled-in motion controllers, makes Vive the headset with perhaps the most potential for rendering immersive entertainment.

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