Job Simulator Trailer Ready for HTC Vive

Owlchemy Labs announce that Job Simulator will be included *IN THE BOX* for a limited time with the HTC Vive!

That means that early Vive buyers will be able to experience the wonders of human jobbing right when they receive their Vive.

The Year Is 2050.
In a world where robots have replaced all human jobs, step into the “Job Simulator” to learn what it was like ‘to job’.

Players can re-live the glory days of work by simulating the ins and outs of being a gourmet chef, an office worker, a convenience store clerk, and more.


“We’re absurdly proud to be included with the hardware. This is quite a rare occasion, giving us a chance to be remembered as the Mario/Duck Hunt of VR. We can’t wait for players to throw paper airplanes, juggle steaks, and lob objects at their boss with no threat to their actual career.”kitchen2

“Also, we’re excited to be sharing the stage with Fantastic Contraption as part of this promo. Contraption is one of our favorite upcoming VR titles, at least judging from the insane amount of hours we’ve logged in it at Owlchemy HQ.”



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