What VR headset do I want??

Playstation VR? Oculus Rift? HTC Vive? HoloLens? If you are a Playstation gamer get the Playstation VR but if you are a PC gamer you are in the right place and you have choices so read on!

Let’s start with Microsoft HoloLens. If you don’t know, Microsoft HoloLens is the first fully self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to interact with high‑definition holograms in your world. It’s not VR it’s MR (mixed reality). Will you be able to play games? Yes. Can you play Elite Dangerous? No! Will you want hololens? YES but for different reasons than the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Let’s look at a video to see some of the things you can do!

So as you can see HoloLens will be lots of fun with free movement no cables and a truly augmented world but it’s not full VR.

So we are left with the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift if you want real VR gaming.

The biggest difference between the Vive and the Rift are the controllers and the Positional Tracking and the price the. Vive gives you laser towers for full room Positional Tracking and 2 primary motion controllers but will cost you $200 more than the Oculus Rift. The Oculus Rift uses a camera for Positional Tracking so you don’t get full room Positional Tracking and you get an Xbox controller or have to use a 3rd party controller to play games.

HTC Vive Positional Tracking.

HTC Vive Positional Tracking.

If all you want to do is sit at your desk and drive a race car or fly a spaceship using a joystick then the Oculus Rift will do the job but if you are looking for the full room standing up moving around Holodeck experience then you have only one choice, the HTC Vive! You can order the Vive today for $799 USD but can your PC run it? This SteamVR Performance Test will put your PC through its paces and let you know if you need an upgrade and if you do need an upgrade head over to HardOCP.com  and read Kyle’s in depth write-up on graphic card performance .

If you are just after some low end VR experience then have a look at Google cardboard.  I have had hours of VR fun with this $15 kit and an Android phone. Just check the phone is secure or it may fly out of the headset and smash (like my first experience with it) 🙁

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As soon as the Hololens hits retail I think I will end up with it as well as the HTC Vive.  I look forward to having a 100 inch flat screen hovering  where my 55 inch TV is or on the roof of my bedroom! But the HTC Vive is changing the way you game and the moving around has to be better than sitting at your desk playing Diablo 3 for hours!

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