Star Trek Bridge Crew Pre-Order Or not..

This is a love hate post I love Star Trek but well you know UBISOFT… I so hope they don’t stuff this up! you can pre order but I don’t see the point let the game come out and let people test it first!

Watch as Star Trek alums Levar Burton, Jeri Ryan, and Karl Urban reveal and play Star Trek: Bridge Crew for the first time and discover the immersive Star Trek experience in Virtual Reality (VR). Developed specifically for VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the only game to offer a true-to-life level of immersion in the Star Trek universe, where- as officers of the Federation- every action and decision you make together will determine the fate of your ship and crew.

You can now Pre order here

Developed exclusively for VR, Star TrekTM: Bridge Crew will immerse you in the Star Trek universe. The game puts you and your friends in the heart of the USS Aegis.


Your mission: explore a largely uncharted sector of space known as The Trench, in hopes of locating a suitable new home world for the decimated Vulcan populace. The Klingon Empire is also active in the region, and their objective is a threat to the Federation’s plans.

Make strategic decisions and coordinate actions with your crew to complete the mission. In co-op, you can form a crew of four players to serve in the roles of Captain, Helm, Tactical, and Engineer. In addition to a dynamic storyline, the game features an Ongoing Missions mode that procedurally generates missions for countless hours of solo and co-op adventure.


In Star Trek: Bridge Crew, you’ll need more than just individual skill to overcome the challenges: communication, trust, and close crew coordination are the keys to victory.

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  1. This and the werewolf game they are still working on, are the games I am really looking forward to. I am waiting on VR for the moment but plan to get a Vive when Uncle Sam sends me some of my money back. Have they said if this is going to cross platform? I have a friend with a PlayStation VR and we were hoping to be able to play together?

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