HardOCP: AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Perf. – Please State Your Name

My old buddy Kyle Bennett has another AMD & NVIDIA GPU VR Performance guide this time for Please State Your Name.

Please State Your Name uses the Unreal Engine 4 and will be the 13th GPU-intensive title added to our VR Leaderboard and requires use of an HTC Vive system. PSYN is not a game or an “experience” but rather a short film done in Virtual Reality that tells you a story that is about 8 minutes long. PSYN is available for free on Steam. The developer is StudioDisrupt, and here is what they have to say about their film.

Experience an animated film, told completely in Virtual Reality.

Set in a cartoon sci-fi world. A small robot head that can only speak the words, ‘Please State your Name’, desperately tries to escape a dangerous garbage facility.

That’s all you get. Considering its FREE, you have very little to lose, so we gave it a go!


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