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serious-sam-logo_0First off if you have not had a read of HardOCP’s Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope first review check it out now!  also check out our Budget PC test of  Serious Sam VR Here (Video below) In HardOCP’s follow up Kyle looks at mGPU tests for NVIDIA GTX keeping in mind Serious Sam VR is still in Early Access. When it comes to GPU testing Kyle uses a unique way of testing to give you an apples for apples comparison. If you’re thinking about SLI or crossfire for your VR pc this is a must read.

From HardOCP

We originally reviewed SSVR GPU performance last month. Immediately after that, we followed up with a quick article showing SSVR mGPU support using AMD’s RX 480 video card and it showed to have excellent scaling. Last week, Croteam and DevolverDigital updated SSVR with NVIDIA VR SLI support.

Build 279777 for Serious Sam: The Last Hope is released.

Here are the changes:

Added support for nVidia VR SLI.

Minor gameplay fixes and tweaks.

Various performance optimizations.

Of course we wanted to see NVIDIA mGPU in action and that is what we are looking at here today. We are going to be jumping right into performance results, so if you are wondering more about how we collect our real world VR gaming data, you can read all about it on this page. Of course we did use the latest NVIDIA WHQL Driver v376.09.



VR Jive Serious Sam VR Budget PC test Video:

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