Scalable Graphics KwikVR Cutting the VR cord at CES With HTC Vive wireless

A 2nd company had entered the HTC Vive wireless market to free VR user from the tether the first on the scene was TPCAST and now we have Scalable Graphics KwikVR . The KwikVR will début at CES next week. I don’t know how well any wireless solution will work with current hardware given the ” under 12 ms” times this might be fine for slow-moving experiences but jump into any fast FPS game and it might be like the video/audio is just a bit out of sinc. I do notice a slight sluggish in games that are GPU capped at 14ms but you do just live with it. the Question is, will the 12ms + 4ms to 14ms from your GPU  be too much of a burden? Or will cutting the cables be worth it?

  • Size and weight Around 1 pound, completely imperceptible when you play.
  • Fixing system  Attached at the belt, to neither disturb your movements nor to burden your headset.
  • Power and battery 16100 mAh battery, up to 4 gaming hours without reloading.
  • Performance Works at the native resolution and frequency of the VR headsets  (i.e. 2160×1200 at 90 Hz for HTC Vive).
  • Wireless 5 GHz Wi-Fi, same technology as in your Internet box, without any danger for your health, positioned at the belt, and not on the top of your head, to minimize the effects of waves.
  • Connectivity KwikVR provides an HDMI port and two USB ports, in addition to its On/Off power button.
  • Easy setup KwikVR is provided with a software installer, an HDMI dongle and a Wi-Fi router for a simple installation.
  • 100% compatible Connects without any hardware modification to your VR headset. Absolutely risk free for your manufacturer warranty.
  • Certified overhead The latency overhead introduced by KwikVR has been measured with our patent pending technology under 12 ms, guaranteed.
HTC Vive wireless

HTC Vive wireless Lightweight with a belt clip


HTC Vive wireless

  • KwikVR: a trouble-free operation
  • KwikVR  is 100% compatible with your Oculus Rift or HTC Vive without requiring any hardware modification or adjustment. Setting it up is both fast and easy.
    • STEP ONE  Install the provided application on your PC.
    • STEP TWO Plug the HDMI dongle in your GPU and the Wi-Fi router on your network adapter.
    • STEP THREE Connect your VR headset to the KwikVR.
    • STEP FOUR Enjoy your VR games and applications without limits.




I do like the controller box on the belt VS the Hud like you see on the TPCAST solution, that and not having to change the cables is a bonus for plug and play.  No Pricing at this time.

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