First look and Performance Tests in Sky Sanctuary

First look and Performance Tests in Sky Sanctuary

In this weeks video I take a look at Sky Sanctuary its a Samurai training simulator available now on steam for the HTC Vive The creator Glitchr Studio have created a futuristic Shinto shrine type of environment (Red Japanese temple/castle) where you will learn the ways of the Samurai you will be trained with the Katana (traditionally Japanese swords) and the Yumi (Japanese Bow) you also get to play with throwing stars smoke grenades fireworks and play Japanese style drums.


Video and Tests

We recorded the Sky Sanctuary Video using the MSI Aegis TI  and also tested the MSI GE62VR and Budget PC with the RX-480 and used the Frame timing data to show you how all 3 stack up.

CPU Performance

Sky Sanctuary, VR, HTC Vive,Aegis TI

Perfect strikes take focus!

Sky Sanctuary, VR, HTC Vive,Aegis TI

406,600 took about an hour and 15 min I was walking in place at the end to keep my feet from falling asleep.

Sky Sanctuary is an open map Sandbox game and due to the size of the map is extremely CPU instinctive I found on lower end VR PC’s like the GE62VR  and our budget PC  CPU performance was off the scale and the budget PC was unplayable due to the lack of Asynchronous reprojection for AMD GPU’s that will all change with the next Driver update from AMD and we look forward to testing it out. The GTX 1060 in the GE62VR made Sky Sanctuary playable but frustrating as it often miscalculated the tracker position but I was able to break the world record for one of the Katana tests that took over an hour to complete I only ended up failing due to fatigue.




More than combat.

You get more than Archery and Sward fighting mini games in Sky Sanctuary you also get to shoot off fireworks and play drums and just mess around in this futuristic Shinto shrine type environment

Sky Sanctuary, VR, HTC Vive,Aegis TI

Sorry did not see you floating there 😛

Little floating droids will guide you on your journey and even be a target dummy for you but you may end up pissing them off…

Sky Sanctuary, VR, HTC Vive,Aegis TI

Shooting fat chickens that get out of a cannon…OK strange but Fun!

It’s not all ridged combat training the developers have added a comical element to it in the form of chicken shooting. who said chickens cant fly? all they need is a cannon to be shot out of!   

If you have a VR PC that can handle it head on over to steam now!

Sky Sanctuary, VR, HTC Vive,Aegis TI

Get Early Access Now!

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