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Johnny Gatt

Hi I’m the real Johnny Gatt not the guy out of Saints Row I started playing with PCs in 1990 rebuilding 486’s for fun, 10 years later in 2000 I was contracted by VIA Tech to run international support for end users. I created VIAArena the first official online support portal for the tech industry. It gave me a chance to work with chipset engineers and come up with cool ideas like Red PCB’s. A big part of my job was producing content for Viaarena and I built amazing PC’s one that went on to win best innovation at Computex Taipei in 2004 with the Black Widow that included the MSI 9130 dual opteron Mainboard and a Radeon 9700 this was the first time Manufacturers had seen braided power cables a mod I did by pulling apart all the plugs on the PSU. A year later braided PSU’s were everywhere 🙂  John Gatt, Johnny Gatt

I went on to do crazy thing like play World of Warcraft on a 6″PC. In 2007 and in 2009 when VIA all but closed its Mainboard Chipset division I moved on to Logitech, but mice and Keyboards didn’t excite me so in 2012 I moved to the countryside and started my own business one side building and fixing PC’s and the other side my passion VR Jive and Gaming Face. I was Hooked the moment I watched the first HTC Vive Video. I was excited to see what my old boss at VIA Cher Wang was doing at HTC and after working for her for 10 years I had high expectations. So now when I’m not fixing PC’s I’m in VR testing them and trying to find the best way for end users to make the right decisions with Hardware for a new VR rig and the right Games for the hardware they have.

If you have News or a Game you want me to test or If you want to get involved with please contact me.

Johnny Gatt    John Gatt, Johnny Gatt






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